Car Washes (Automated) VS Car Detailing

Let’s just get it out of the way, automated washes are far from car detailing! However, so many people tend to compare them to each other. The confusion around car wash vs car detail is one that’s been around for years, but we’re going to put an end to that now.

Automated Car Washes Vs Car Detail

The general definition of a car wash refers to a tunnel setup whereby vehicles can drive (or automatically be pulled). Inside, you’ll find automated machines that consist of brushes, soap, and water. On top of that, you’ll find extremely strong dryers, or, employees using a towel for the finishing touches. The end result? A clean car for a cheap price.

After reading the previous paragraph, you might have found yourself thinking: ‘’so what’s the problem?’’. Well, this is where it gets interesting.

Although at a first glance,  your car may seem clean; an automatic car wash can leave scratches and swirls in your paint, along with the possibility of broken electrical components (like your car’s headlights for example). Throughout our many years as professional detailers, we have had countless vehicles roll through our garage with damaged paint as a result of the fierce brushes at an automatic car wash.

Scratches aren’t the only things to look out for. You’ve also got to consider the fact that the towels, brushes, and other cleaning components are just never cleaned. This means that when workers use the same towel that they’ve already used for multiple cars, to then dry your car, the cross-contamination can leave a nasty residue.

All in all, automatic car washes focus on efficiency over quality. This means that their main goal is getting your car out of the lot fast, so that they can get the next one through.

So How Does Car Detailing Differ from Automated Car Washes?

The goal of car detailing is to have your vehicle looking as great as it did when you first purchased it. Unlike a car wash, car detailing doesn’t just focus on efficiency, it’s main focus is the quality of work.

Every single area of a vehicle is meticulously cleaned by hand to ensure quality. What’s more? Well, beyond simply just washing the vehicle, car detailing (depending on package bought) can include so many elements of cleaning and restoring both your interior and exterior.

Check them out here:

Car Detailing – The Exterior:

  • Cleaning and dressing tires
  • Cleaning the engine
  • Dent repair
  • Ventilation decontamination
  • Headlight restoration
  • Touch-Up painting
  • Fixing scratches or marring in the paint or wheels
  • Applying paint protective coatings like Ceramic Pro or Opti-Coat Pro
  • Applying Paint Protection Film
  • Washing
  • Waxing
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Clay bar surface or Nano mitt
  • Using degreasers
  • Dressing outside plastics and rubber
  • Waxing or wax sealant
  • Buffing

Car Detailing – Interior:

  • Cleaning the dashboard, console, vents, and components
  • Cleaning and dressing interior leather, vinyl, and rubber
  • Spot cleaning the interior roof
  • Shampooing the seats, mats, carpets, and door panels
  • Vacuuming interior and trunk
  • Steam cleaning
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Cleaning door jambs

Budget Auto Detailing

Here at Budget Auto Detailing, our car detailing team is trained to the highest caliber on how to properly take care of your vehicle. Our tried and tested procedures, along with the right formulas mean that your vehicle receives only the finest treatment, directly from a professional’s hand.