Ceramic Coatings in Burlington Ontario

Over the last decade ceramic coatings of all kinds with different bases have become dominant players in the car detailing world with promises of highest levels of protection. Spray waxes, sealants and spray coatings are more of a thing of past, but still have a place in the world of protecting your vehicle from outdoor elements.

Budget Auto Detailing offers various one year to five year ceramic coatings in Burlington Ontario. Our primary two coatings are graphene based, while our mid-grade ceramic coating is Teflon based. All serve the same purpose, but the durability and benefits slightly differ from graphene ceramic coatings to Teflon ceramic coatings.

What is a Graphene Coating? 

Graphene coatings are the latest technological advancement in the coatings world. This carbon based coating isn’t new, as it was discovered in 2004 by a few British professors whom eventually went on to in the Nobel Prize in 2010 for their research. Many different coating brands are beginning to offer graphene based coatings, but our choice is IGL Kenzo Graphene Infused coatings, know for its durability, high gloss, and superb hydrophobic effects.

What are the Benefits? 

There are many benefits to getting your vehicle coated, but few differences that graphene coatings offer over ceramic based coatings are as follows:

  1. High Flexibility – Less susceptible to chipping or cracks)
  2. High Water Contact Angle – More beading
  3. Anti-Static – Lower dust collection
  4. Durability – 5 years or more
  5. Environmentally Friendly – Low Ozone (smell) for the installer, no need for masks or respirators
  6. Shine – Outshines most ceramic coatings
  7. Water Spotting – Less prone to water spots, especially on high areas such as the roof

Cost of Graphene Coatings

Getting your vehicle coated is all in the prep work leading up to laying the coating down. For those looking to ceramic coatings in Burlington Ontario, visit our Ceramic Coatings page for pricing our process. For starters, most vehicles can get our 5 year graphene infused IGL Kenzo Coating (2 layers) starting from $1,300 for new vehicles. Call 905-633-8880 for more info and speak to one of the staff members for in-depth details.

Final Thoughts 

Graphene coatings have been in the market for years now, yet still offered only by select detailing shops. Here at Budget Auto Detailing we’ve compared many coatings side-by-side, and found that for our clientele the best has been our graphene based coatings.