Detailing Your Vehicle Like A Pro

If you enjoy taking care of your car and are looking to take it to the next level, then you need our top 10 car detailing secrets. Below we offer hints and tips on how to get the most from your washing, waxing and polishing efforts.

Detailing your car to a professional standard isn’t just a matter of appearances, it’s also the smartest way to maintain your car’s value.

Exterior Cleaning – DetailingCar Detailing Near Me - Burlington Ontario

Wash With 2 Buckets

You want to get the exterior of your car clean without adding tiny scratches from the grit picked up in the wash bucket water. We suggest using one bucket to hold your clean suds water, and another bucket to hold the clean water. Before you dip your cleaning cloth into the clean suds, you can rinse it off in the clean water bucket and squeeze it dry. This process ensures the grit picked up while cleaning your vehicle doesn’t end up being used as an abrasive in your wash mitt.

New Products Like Microfibre Help Make The Job Easier

Thank god for microfiber. Spending a little on quality microfibre towels can save you time and produce a better result.

Take Care Of Your Trim 1st

Your car’s plastic trim requires periodic maintenance to keep it looking great. To keep plastic trim looking its best, we recommend treating it with a trim restoring product before breaking out the wax. Trim care products are designed to restore the colour of the plastic and protect it from dirt, chemicals & abrasion. Treating these areas first ensures the Waxes & Polishes you use won’t stain the trim.

auto trim restoreInterior Cleaning – Detailing

Top of the window to you.

This simple tip can help you avoid unwanted smears after cleaning your car windows. Simply wind down the windows to clean the very top portion of the glass. Excess product can build up in the window jamb, resulting in  streaking & dripping. Just winding the windows down an inch or two can ensure every inch of the car receives a professional cleaning.

Dry Your Glass In 2 Directions.

When cleaning and drying your vehicle’s windows, you’ll always come across an annoying streak on either the outside or the inside of the glass. To make the process easier, get in the habit of drying the exterior glass in one direction and the interior in another. Then, when you find the inevitable streak, you’ll instantly know where it is on the glass. Perfectly clear glass with ease!

Keep Your Air Vents Clean

Car & Truck Wash - DetailingThe louver vent design found in most cars can collect a lot of unsightly dust, and a vacuum with a brush attachment wont get it all. Just grab an art paintbrush and give it a light shot of furniture polish. Work the brush into the crevices to collect the dust. Clean the brush off with a rag between vents.

Really Clean The Carpet & Upholstery

Use a carpet cleaner to get the deep dirt that settles into the fibers of the carpet. A carpet cleaner like this will pay for itself in just a few uses.  Its process of spraying a cleaning fluid, brushing the fibers and then vacuuming up the accumulated dirt can bring new life to winter beaten carpets.

Remember the Details

Detailing means paying attention to small things in your vehicle — taking care of all the trim lines and recesses that a quick cleaning job misses. Use an old rag wrapped around a dull screwdriver and spray use all-purpose cleaner. Run it gently along the trim lines a few times in order to to pick up all the gunk. Keep the surface of the rag clean and wet enough to get all the dirt. Don’t forget the buttons and controls, they can take a bit of effort but the renewed appearance pays off.