Does Paint Protection Film Damage New Car Paint?

A transparent protective film PPF protects your car from damage. Paint protection film (PPF) is the best approach to maintain the car’s paint in the best condition because of its excellent impact resistance. PPF is the only vehicle treatment that protects portions of your automobile from both chemical and physical abrasion, such as bug splatter and rock chips and scratches. We give a quick overview of PPF technology and answer some often asked questions, such as does it damage your new car’s paint? To learn more about this topic, read this article.

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What does Paint Protection Film mean?

Paint Protection Film keeps your car free of scratches, rock chips, road debris, pebble abrasions, and corrosion. When applied, it has a transparent coat and is nearly invisible. Paint protection film creates a barrier between your car’s exterior and the environment, debris, and contaminants outside.

Paint protection film comes in several varieties. Budget Auto Detailing offers XPEL PPF, a self-healing protective film that sheds pollutants that may otherwise discolor traditional yellow films. Special elastomeric polymers make up the transparent film. Swirl marks and other light scratches are eliminated without difficulty thanks to its self-healing abilities.

Does it damage new car paint?

The simple answer is no. Paint protection film will not harm your car’s paint. But there’s a catch. To ensure that you get the long-term protection you seek, paint protection film should be applied by an experienced professional who knows how to use and remove PPF without damaging the car’s paint.

The Benefits of Using PPF on a New Car

There are various advantages to consider if you’re investing in a paint protection film to maintain your new vehicle’s paint job and other parts in perfect condition.

  • Provides a better finish – While certain PPFs may improve your vehicle’s sheen, Xpel comes in a gloss or matte finish. You can use Xpel PPF to rapidly create a stunning and personalized exterior look and appeal.
  • Lack of glue marks and reduced orange peel – Some paint protection films commonly leave adhesive stains after installation. The Xpel unique adhesive leaves no marks or orange peel effect.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance is exceptional – Xpel rapid healing protective films are made up of multiple layers of material, each of which acts as a barrier to dangerous toxins or chemicals.
  • Minor scratches heal instantly – The majority of the best automotive paint protection brands contain self-healing properties. A detailer can easily apply direct heat from a heat gun to minor blemishes. Xpel is the most effective Instant Healing PPF available today. Nanotechnology is used to patch tiny scratches in a matter of seconds.
  • Resistance to high temperatures – The same nanotechnology aids in the creation of a heat shield, which prevents UV and IR radiation from penetrating the vehicle’s surface materials.

Paint Protection Film at Budget Auto Detailing

We recommend contacting Budget Auto Detailing if you’re ready to install paint protection film. We will safeguard your vehicle with the best automotive protection film available. To schedule an appointment, contact 905-633-8880 or email, or stop by 1254 Plains Rd East #7, Burlington, ON L7S 1W6.