Eliminating Odors With Help of Car Detailing

Every so often you may end up with an odor in your car that you either recognize where it came from, or simply are unaware, and just want it gone. Eliminating odors can be simple, or like in most cases be a multi-step process that needs to be left to the professionals.

We at Budget Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coatings always strive to go above and beyond in hopes of eliminating odors in your vehicle. Most vehicle owners try the DIY method of using deodorizers that rely on antibacterial agents to kill bacteria that cause odor or a fragrance to cover up any residual odor – which only covers up the residual odor temporarily.

Air Fresheners Do Not Work

Generally there are 3 types of  air fresheners – ones that mask the smell, ones that neutralizes the smell and finally the trapping air fresheners. Your typical over the counter air fresheners either neutralizes the smell or mask them. By doing so, the smell will return in a short amount of time.

What does work???

There are three key steps in order to fully get to eliminating odor from start to finish. Brave DIY-ers can attempt to do this at home, but without professional tools, their results will be subpar.

Find The Source – Once the source is discovered, it needs to properly cleaned and extracted if possible to eliminate the surface smell.

OZONE Treatment – Once the vehicle is fully detailed and the source of the foul smell has been identified and dealt with, we will run an OZONE treatment for minimum 1 hour in order to further help eliminate the foul smell.

Professional Grade Air Freshening – We are proud to use IGL Air Professional Grade Odor Eliminating air freshener in the final step of the odor elimination. Rather than using a cheap over the counter air freshener that masks the smell, we use only the best to eliminate the source.