How do you maintain car paint protection film?

Installing PPF on a car is at the top of the list of paint protection options. Paint protection film is an excellent example of a product that does exactly what it says it will. Its primary goal is to shield your car’s paint and other sensitive parts from rock chips, road debris, and natural poisons. Some PPF manufacturers can even infuse ceramic coating qualities directly on top of the PPF material, thanks to today’s superior nanoceramic technology.

While car paint protection film is nearly resilient, it does require regular maintenance washes to keep it free of dirt, debris, tree sap, bird droppings, bug guts, and other contaminants.

Understanding more about PPF

Paint Protection Film (PPF), often known as Clear Bra, is a polyurethane-based thick clear, flexible film. It has a specifically developed adhesive on the back that safely clings to your car’s surface. PPF can be placed over existing paint to protect it from challenging outside environments.

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Tips for maintaining PPF

If you want to preserve your paint from road hazards while preserving its factory appearance, consider using paint protection film. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to care for PPF or are concerned about the best approach to maintain the condition of your new Stealth Paint Protection Film. Regardless of the type of paint protection film installed on your vehicle, keeping this costly investment is vital. Let’s find out with Budget Auto Detailing.

After installation, do not touch the film.

It may take many days (at least 48 hours) to settle and cure the protective layer. Try not to touch the film for about a week after installation.

After installation, do not wash the car.

While the film is settling and curing, do not wash your car. It’s advisable to avoid driving in it entirely if possible for a couple of days.

Use only High-Quality cleaning products

Use a high-quality car wash soap instead of a low-grade car wash soap. It could have harsh chemicals that eat away at the film or cause the finish to deteriorate. Look for shampoos with lubricating components. Make sure the microfiber mitt you choose is specifically designed for car care.

Where can you get PPF?

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