How much does Paint Protection Film cost?

Every day we are asked the question how much does PPF cost? and the answer depends on many factors. With so many factors determining the cost of paint protection film, it’s easy to understand how comparing installers might be perplexing.

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PPF: What is it?

A urethane film that can be put to any painted surface on your vehicle. In a nutshell, the automobile Paint Protection Film helps maintain the integrity of your car’s paint by lowering the chance of various types of damage.

Factors that affect the price of PPF.

The condition

Every paint protection installation begins with paint correction and thorough surface preparation. There should be no contamination, dust, or grime on the car’s surface. This is crucial before applying something semi-permanent like a PPF.

It’s a frequent misconception that a brand new car delivered straight from the dealership is in immaculate condition. That is how we all believe it should be. It would be a perfect world, I agree. The majority of new autos delivered do not meet this criteria. Most automobiles will require paint repair and substantial preparation before applying PPF. Everything is contingent on the state of your car.

Level of coverage

The coverage you want for your vehicle is perhaps the most critical pricing aspect. Some car owners wish toonly apply Paint Protection Film on the most vulnerable parts of their car, such as the front bumper, hood, rocker panels, and rear wheel arch. Other automobile owners want Paint Protection Film on every external surface. Those two sorts of car owners will pay dramatically different prices.

The level of coverage you select will also impact the amount of workforce necessary for your PPF project.

The difficulty of your car

The difficulty of applying Paint Protection Film to your vehicle is another factor that may influence the cost of installation. A paint Protection Film is a two-dimensional substance that must be formed or molded to fit around a three-dimensional object. It must be modified to go around all of your car’s curves and shapes.

That means automobiles with striking design features or strong shapes take longer to have PPF applied. This aspect may have a role in calculating the labor cost of your PPF project. Not all shops do this, but some do. Additional services

Many Detailing companies that provide Paint Protection Film provide other services or goods that you may want to combine with your Paint Protection Film purchase. Window Tint and Ceramic Coating are two of the most frequent. It’s convenient to have everything done in one spot if you’re interested in those services, but it will increase your overall expense.

Installing PPF at Budget Auto Detailing

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