How to choose a car detailing shop

Once you’ve decided to get your car detailed, the next step is finding a reputable car detailing shop in your area to do the job right. The quality and experience of the auto detailing shop can make this an amazing experience or a disaster.

You will want to study the difference packages offered to you and decided whether they provide enough service for your car detailing needs. Most expensive packages do not translate into offering the type of service your car may require, so it is best to determine ahead what is needed. Be picky, that is the whole point to having your car professionally detailed.

Here is what we suggest to look for when choosing a reputable car detailing shop;


Car detailing can become very expensive due to the time spent to do a proper interior and exterior detailing, not to mention the products and tools used are professional grade. If you’re like most Canadians, saving money on car care is as important to you as getting the best financing rate. Typically most pricing packages do not include pet hair or salt stain removal, so it’s best to inquire ahead.

Services offered

Look at all the services offered by the detailing company. Many detailing garages do not offer pet hair removal as an example due to time consumption. Do your due diligence, research or call ahead.


The new thing gaining massive popularity is mobile detailing and many garages are offering both mobile and in-house detailing.  Mobile car detailers will come to your location at home or at work, and provide the same quality service you would get at traditional detail shop.


Like with many small businesses, google plays major role with its reviews. Detailers live and die by google reviews. It’s always a good idea to search on Yellow pages or Google to see what other customers have had to say about their experiences.

In conclusion take your time in choosing the right detail shop to do the work you desire. Expectations and reality re sometimes very different. Often here at budget auto detailing we get phone calls for quotes; it’s very hard to give a quote via phone until the car is seen in person. Lastly do expect to pay  fir price for the services performed, professional car detailers need the right time to do the job and at times can spend upwards of 100 plus dollars on material alone.

If you’re looking to get car detailing done or simply have question, feel free to call us directly at 905-633-8880 to book an appointment or to simply obtain a  quote.