How to Get Rid of Annoying Water Spots

Anybody who loves their car and enjoys up keeping its image will tell you that water spots are annoying! They are anything but attractive, especially for you car owners who own blue, black or any other darker coloured vehicle. Over time if water spots are not dealt with, they will become permanent and will slowly start to erode your vehicle’s paint. When water spots sit on the surface of your vehicle for any extended period of time, they stain the vehicle’s paint and correcting the paint job simply becomes impossible.

Try our 3 step process for removing water spots from your car, truck or SUV..

So, how exactly do water spots occur?

Water spots occur after the water dries on your car`s paint. This can occur even on the windows of your car, which

makes it even easier to spot if you have tinted windows. Depending on where you are located the minerals in the water could be more harmful than other places but regardless of where you are water spots need to be removed immediately or they will surely leave spots on your car`s exterior which results in  a slow erosion of your car paint and scratching of window surfaces.

How to get rid of water spots;

Removing water marks is a two to three step process that involves time and some elbow grease. Washing the car won`t remove the water sports since they are etched in your vehicle`s paint.

Getting Rid of Water Spots – Step 1

We wash the exterior thoroughly in order to remove road grime and dust that has settled on the surface of the car.  During the wash, some of the minerals will fall off, but the hard water sports will remain.  After the car has been washed and rinsed thoroughly, we will completely dry the exterior surfaces before proceeding to the next step.

Getting Rid of Water Spots – Step 2

Next we perform an acid wash on your vehicle`s exterior. Trust us, it`s completely safe and totally effective. Think of this step as running your coffee maker with a solution to remove the build up of hard water minerals that accumulated over time. This step last anywhere from 10-20 minutes as proper time allotment is necessary to help remove the hard water spots. In majority of the cases, after the acid wash is complete, there will still be some noticeable rings on the outside, which leads us to step three.

Getting Rid of Water Spots – Step 3

In this step we will polish the vehicle`s exterior with a fine polish using an orbital machine and polishing pads. Paint polish contains special abrasives that will reduce the appearance of the etch marks left behind by hard water. During this step and from the quality of our paint polish, most unsightly swirl marks are removed as well, giving your vehicle the look it had when it was new.

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