Should You Ceramic Coat Your Car?

Every week we get the get the same question asked by our customers; Should I ceramic coat my car? While the answer may be Yes, it is not the correct answer for everyone. We all have different budgets, vehicle makes, driving habits and so on. Having a ceramic coat on your vehicle is not a one size fits all solution.

This is why we put together today’s post to shed some light for you on whether a ceramic coat for your vehicle is right for you. For some vehicle owners, a ceramic coat is life changing, while for others it may become a let down over time. So, who benefits from a ceramic coating the most?

Vehicle’s That Should Have A Ceramic Coat

New Vehicles – If you pickup your vehicle from the dealership, you should consider having it ceramic coated as the vehicle’s paint is new, with very minor marring or surface scratches. Although some form of paint correction will be needed still.

Owner’s Pride – There are those car enthusiasts who pride themselves on maintaining their vehicle. They do their own hand car wash, follow proper procedures and avoid cheap drive through car washes.

Weekend Drivers – For those who have a hot weekend vehicle they like to whip around or exhibit at weekend car meets, having a ceramic coat on your vehicle is a no brainier. Easy maintenance and shine for every weekend.

Vehicles That Are Suited For Sealants & Waxes

Tight Budget – As mentioned in one of our previous posts, most of the cost associated with ceramic coatings is in the prep work. Daily drivers or older vehicles require significant paint prep before any ceramic coat is applied. One way to get the shine and hydrophobic effects of a ceramic coating is with a quality sealant. Costs less than a ceramic coating, and is more budget friendly.

Daily Drivers – If your vehicle is a daily drivers that gets abused a lot, a ceramic coating may not make sense, as you will not be able to maximize its effects. A better solution for the daily drivers is a quality professional grade sealant or wax.

Family Haulers – If your vehicle is a family hauler (SUV or Mini Van), where you take it on camping trips, boating, mall trips or haul the family bikes around, a ceramic coat will not do much for you, as it will not likely protect you against scratches that may surface overtime as the family hauler stands a higher chance to be dented or scratched.

We hope this post shed some light on whether a quality ceramic coat may be right for you. Everyone’s situation is unique and different, like our budgets are as well. However, having some form of protection for your paint will go a long way than having none at all.