Two Bucket Wash Method

Washing your vehicle is much more than a bucket, sponge and soap. In the world of detailing, we like to apply the two bucket wash method anytime we wash the exterior of the vehicle. Most car paints today are much more complex than 30 years ago, and they surely require the right attention to get them sparkling and clean. Most do it yourself car washers are missing a few things in order to properly clean the vehicle – a grit guard and not using the two bucket wash method. Furthermore, most detailing shops often leave this process out, either due to time constraints or simply due to never applying the process to their business.

So, what is a two bucket wash method?

Two bucket washing is a method that comprises of two buckets instead of one during the car wash process. One bucket consists of only soap and often referred to as the wash bucket, while the other bucket is used as the rinse bucket filled with clean water. Reason for using two buckets is simple; reduce transfer of dirt, particles and grime during the wash process, which greatly avoids swirl marks and light scratches.

Two bucket wash method Budget Auto Detailing

In addition to applying the two bucket wash method, it is also critical to only wash the car one section at a time and squeeze out the water out of the wash mitt after cleaning it in the rinse bucket. The process is simple, but like many things in life it does take additional time versus using only a single wash bucket. After the wash mitt is rinsed, it can be reloaded with fresh soap and used on the next section of the car.

This technique is quite effective, and the results are shown by emptying the rinse bucket to see the dirt and particles that have collected at the bottom of the grit guard. We suggest even checking the wash bucket for any dirt and grime, but in most instances the wash bucket should have little or not particles sitting at the bottom of the bucket.

Ultimately there is no other way to washing your car by hand. Unless you are using a foam gun, which eliminates the need for a was bucket. Applying the two bucket wash method to car washing only improves the end result and brings out the best shine in the vehicle. In addition to having the best shine, you can rest assured that you are avoiding doing damage during the car wash.