Car Interior Cleaning – Burlington

Car interior cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Having your vehicles professionally detailed doesn’t have to cost an arm, but rather it can be inexpensive if you visit Budget Auto Detailing.

Most consumers hit up the car wash on a regular basis, but fail to address the car interior cleaning due to their busy schedules or cost. We all have weekly at home cleaning routines, but when it comes to our vehicles, we choose to forgo it, yet our vehicle is the second biggest space we occupy on a regular basis.

Between the commute to work, sports playing, meetings, the average driver spends more than 3 hours daily driving their vehicle. Furthermore, aside from the dirty shoes, we eat in the vehicles as we rush to our next appointment. Our fast paced lifestyles make it easy to accumulate grime on the interior of the vehicle, yet most choose to forgo getting their vehicle professionally detailed.

Here is what all of our interior detailing packages include:

Hand Wash & Dry –  We start all of our detailing packages with our hand wash and dry. Your door jambs will get de-greased and professionally detailed. After your vehicle and door jambs are washed, everything is hand dried before the interior work begins.

Full Blow Out – Before any vacuuming begins, all crevices, seats, in between seats and all hard to reach areas are blown out before vacuuming begins.

Crevices & Full Wipe down – The third step is a full wipe down and detailing of all the crevices, doors, cup holders, vents and dashboard.

Vacuuming – After all blowing out and wipe down is complete, the next step is a full interior vacuum of all the seats, under the seats, floor mats and all tight to reach areas.

Windows Inside & Out – One of the final steps of our interior detailing are the windows inside and out. All windows including the windshield and rear window, get a through two step cleaning. First step is to de grease all the windows and remove all the grime that creates an invisible shield. Once all the windows are de greased, they are polished up with window cleaner.

Tire Shine & Trim Dressing – Our final step is applying tire shine and dressing up any plastic surface to bring back that true black or gray look.

In addition to the above steps, should our customers can choose to get their vehicles interior shampooed and steamed with our PRO and RESTORE packages.  For more info, feel free to call us 905-633-8880 or visit our YouTube Channel to see some of our work.