Removing Tree Sap From Your Vehicle

Removing tree sap is a simple process if its caught early on, but if it’s left to bake in the sun and all the elements, the removal process will present it’s challenges. Sap is something that cannot be prevented from falling on the vehicles, unless you choose to park away far enough. Parking in shade, will likely expose your vehicle to sap.

For those of you unfamiliar with tree sap, it is the small droppings  that generally land on the roof of your vehicle, but can land in other areas overtime. In warm temperatures and sun exposure they generally have a sticky and soft texture, but if not removed quickly, they droppings harden and in the process risk your clear coat being ruined.


As mentioned above, tree sap seems something simple to remove, but overtime it can ruin the clear coat of your vehicle. Generally it needs to be addressed sooner than later, and a simple car wash generally won’t remove the tree sap from your vehicle.

The dropping of the tree sap will leave your clear coat discolored and obviously a sore eye effect on your vehicles paint surface. Since tree sap mostly drops in the warmer temperature, heat speeds up the process of how quickly it hardens. Generally once this happens, removing tree sap will likely leave a halo on your vehicle’s clear coat.